Mahatma Gandhi and his Education Philosophy ~ Article By Nandini Goel

Mahatma Gandhi and his Education Philosophy ~ Article By Nandini Goel

Mahatma Gandhi and his Education Philosophy

Mahatma Gandhi and his Education Philosophy

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of independent India and a profound thinker whose ideas inspired the whole world had a discerning education philosophy. Gandhiji understood the basic roots, culture and value of Indian society deeply.  Besides understanding the need of modern and scientific education, he strongly advocated the need to install Indian Values, language and culture through education in the young generation of India. He had profound idea and vision about how India should move and shape in the future and build its youth by introducing appropriate Education System.

Gandhiji believed if education will not corresponds to the surrounding and circumstances of a society, would not lead to healthy growth of its people. His approach towards Education was realistic where he spoke about primary Education for all but suggested that the ways should be devised to bring in contact with life of Community around school through service and personal involvement. This would not only help the people to comprehend their society but also would enable them to construct and develop new means and methods for its growth.

Gandhiji believed that in desire to learn modern techniques and western style of living one should not evanesce the prevailing Indian Culture and ethos. He suggested as Indian Society was new to English, Hindi should be preferred as the teaching medium till Class VII and he stressed the need to impart knowledge of diverse Indian Culture and style of living through Education. These Ideas were widely appreciated during first conference on National Education held at Wardha in 1937.

He believed Indians should attain Swaraj when they are ready to handle it for which Education was a requisite. Being an avid reader himself he had great love for books. He emphasised the importance of nature and learning through it.

Gandhiji’s philosophy of self-reliance juxtaposed with his idea of promoting one hand skills for an individual as mean for earning their living. Hence, he wanted Education policy of India to introduce teaching of Labour Skills for every young Indian enabling them self-reliant.

He believed through right education, the people of India can be enlightened and could be edified.  Where he strived and urged for the upliftment of girls through education in the society and believed gender equality, equal opportunity and stronger status of women in India can build stronger Indian society. He spoke vehemently through his articles in newspapers like Young-India, Navjivan and Harijan about the menace of Old Customs like Untouchability, Gender Inequality at various levels, which can be eradicated through practice and profound education policy for the youth.

He believed education policies must be devised in a manner that it helps the majority of underprivileged and common people of India and prepare them to take part in the development of India and build India into more stronger and comprehensive nation.

Gandhiji was a perspicacious leader and one of the greatest thinkers of all time. His percipient outlook of life and Indian values has helped India to burgeon.

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