Understanding Refugee Crisis in Europe : Article By Nandini Goel

Understanding Refugee Crisis in Europe: Article by Nandini GoelDSCN2063

With so many refugees leaving their homeland and coming to Europe in a hope to resettle away escaping war torn country and to find safety & new opportunities for living in new land, a huge refugee crisis have struck Europe.

I understand that people in countries like Syria are living in unbearable conditions and the terror of armed conflicts and persecution is making the innocent civilians to flee from their land.

In some nations like Nigeria, people are settling in a new land to find new opportunities and to convalesce from the life of poverty.

It is sad to see that people are living such a life full of destitution. Although painful to the imagination, what else a person who is looking for safety and peace for his family would have option in a war torn country, where humanity has gone barbaric and callous.

Shifting families to a safe passage can never be a permanent solution although we need to eradicate the problem so that people can relish in their own nation, after all every human being loves to be where he belongs to. Nobody wants to leave his or her nation.

Today I donot want to discuss about Political Crisis in a war ridden country, maybe some other day or on some other table. Today, I am more concerned about the plight of human lives and status fleeing these affected areas. Its not only the plight of refugees that I am concerned but also the impact of influx on the nations that are providing shelter to these refugees, is of serious concern.

 There are three types of human lives that are affected.

  1. People in the war affected areas.
  2. People fleeing from war affected areas.
  3. People living in the countries which are providing asylum to the displaced families.

As a community concern we should work to minimize the atrocities faced by people living in the war affected areas. This should be done by providing food supplies, medical or other necessary amenities.

Amidst all this, the countries offering refuge are in a state of quandary. Recently, a huge number of refugees were stuck in Budapest, Hungary while trying to find refuge in the European Union. Most of the refugees are trying to enter countries through sea.

Many of them have also lost their lives in a rabble while travelling through boats to Europe. Recently, many refugees had flocked in Libya to cross by a boat to Europe and many of them had perished in the sea during the transit.

Refugees have to resettle in another land which is like starting a new life. They face scarcity of money, food and shelter. They could starve for days, wear unclean clothes, have no shelter and have to get acclimatized to a new environment.

Reading about young children and people who drowned in the sea while on their endeavour to find refuge, made me despondent.

The Tensions in the world are escalating day by day. Today, there is a war at one place or civil war at another.

Now, the immediate solution in my opinion would be that 1) we provide a place to the refugees/displaced, which means we build new refugee camps near the affected areas so that affected people could be served 2) have strict vigilance on the sea, along the sea route to prohibit the people to take drastic and dangerous measures as many people are losing their life in transit while undertaking a bigger peril for themselves and their families.

While serving the refugees from the affected areas it is important that we should not exert too much pressure on the countries providing asylum like Hungary, Germany, and other European nations as even these countries have to share their resources with the new inhabitants.

New camps built near the affected area would serve better to the refugees.

These temporary settlements can save many lives which are perished in transit from the sea. Moreover, a lot of burden from the countries providing refuge would also be reduced.

Now, with so many families desperately looking for safe passage and environment due to the unbearable conditions in the home country, we need to comprehend on few points. First of all we need to figure out how we can reduce the influx of refugees without inflicting atrocities or doing something inhumane.

Second, we need to figure out how the European nations are going to handle the influx of these refugees as their food, medical facilities; policing, administration and society are going to be affected majorly. Even their economy would become unstable.

Third we need to find a place near the affected area where the refugees can find refuge.

Finally we need to work on measures to stop the wars at the affected areas and work to reduce the tensions prevalent in these areas, which may involve discussing the issues, with the organisations in power and their partners.

It is mandatory for all concerned communities to work, for the settlement of the displaced families, as only thing I wonder how our future would be if these human atrocities are not dealt rationally and promptly

Well, let’s we all  hope for the best.

Nandini Goel
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