For the People of Hong Kong, Ukraine . Message for Entire World. “Who governs the Land is not Important but People are!”

 “Who governs the Land is not Important but People are!”

Today, I finished reading “Social History of Deccan” by Richard M Eaton, and I am surrounded by numerous thoughts regarding the effects of quest of conquering.Having the hangover of this reading, I developed some understanding about the tensions going on in the world and how they can be handled which includes my understanding of this book.

Recently, there has been some serious tension going on in Hong Kong and in Ukraine. There is an ongoing struggle for complete democracy or right to rule their own land in many parts of the world. People in Hong Kong want to govern their own land but Chinese authority does not want to lose its control over Hong Kong as it is a major financial hub. In Ukraine, people want Crimea back from Russia as they claim it to be a part of Ukraine, but Russia argues that they did as per the wishes of the people of Crimea.

Now, myself being from a land which was ruled by Colonial powers in yesteryears , the demand of People in Hong Kong and Ukarains initially sounds OK to me, but then I look at it differently and try to understand what was achieved in the past by the conquers, and what benefit it laid for the common people of the land. I am also trying to search an answer for few questions like:

“What do the People of the Land want?”

“What do they expect from the governing authority?

“Do People of the Land get what they want after they get the right to self govern?”

“How important is it for people to get the right to self govern?”

“Is the transfer of power a permanent solution?”

These are questions which need serious attention. Reading the books about historical events provide my answer today as inconclusive, but there are also thoughts which need a lot of conditioning. My serious contemplation maybe too young and immature. One thing I am sure of, I have some thoughts about this which I want to lay on the table today.

In my opinion what I understand, these territorial tugs create some long term and some immediate effects on the people of the land. The conqueror gets some immediate benefits like the wealth of the land, feel the taste of pride, fame and power, no more enemy neighbor, safety of border from immediate threat, new trade routes for the people of the kingdom and an increase in military might. There are some long term benefits like Trade Benefits (new trade routes/new markets), new culture development, new scientific development, increase in trade, increase in revenue by increase in taxes adding wealth to the treasury.

But people are subjected to everlasting pain of loss of life and property is one of the biggest after effects of war and agitation. There is an in-numerous number of examples, throughout the cultures, ages, countries, regions that validates the fact that although the war or quest of conquering has brought immediate or long term benefits to the conqueror and his society, but he was never able to enjoy the fruits of his victory for a long period of time. There had been revolts and agitations against the victorious party from time to time in spite of his win . The reason for me to write this article is to express my concern about the culture of frequent agitation in our global society, and also, it is an effort to find an alternate solutions to avoid war, conquering, violence for the peaceful existence of all the parties on a given piece of land.

When there is a delusion of power, then the one who is most affected is the “common man”. In an older time in India , there were frequent exchanges of power due to frequent  invasions, in a very short period of time, like 5 years or so, which immensely affected common people. People were not affected only when a ruler from a different dynasty takes over the land but also when there is a war of succession. Now let us study the example of the family of Queen Tarabai (Maratha Clan , India).

Tarabai wanted her son to be the next ruler and he also ruled for some time and made his own policies. His nephew was in jail but when he came back he wanted to get to the throne. Some people who were against Tarabai’s son conspired with her nephew to get him the throne. Now, when the nephew took the throne, he made some policies which were different from the policies of Shivaji II(Tarabai’s Son).

I belong to a Hindu family, and Shivaji II ( Grand son of Shivaji) was a very famous leader of the Hindu community. After some time, Shivaji came back to the throne and the policies were changed once again. Well, this was a war of succession going on between two princes but did  someone think about the common people and how there lives were affected?

Policies were made and were rejected, but no one cared about the life of common people. The people would adjust themselves to the policies of the previous king and suddenly a new king would acquire the throne and then the people would have to follow new policies proposed, or forced, by the new king.

Now there is a delusion of power going on Egypt where first the people removed Hossini Mubbarak and brought Muslim Brotherhood and now they removed them and brought a new government. The people supporting these three governments are fighting among themselves as provoked by their leaders. This has brought destruction and hatred among different societies prevailing in Egypt. What about the common people who are born on the land of Egypt by the virtue of their destiny and have a common purpose to make their ends meet and support their family. The life of common man is affected by all this frequent change of power.

I am not saying which government will be best for the people of Egypt but all I am  saying is that whatever problem is going on in governance of Egypt they should solve it as soon as possible. Inducing hatred and killing will never bring their families and society a peaceful existence. The world is closer today and there will always be some community to support the weaker society. In today’s time, every society has to learn to coexist and bring measures for peaceful existence. The people in power have to understand this important thing, they don’t want to rule, barren land where there is no Human life, as all were dead during their accession.

Similarly, I read today about Hong Kong. The important thing that I feel are  “The people ofHong Kong”. In my opinion, today it is important for the government of Hong Kong to bring policies that will help the people of Hong Kong to live a Happy and Healthy lives and not show them the stick or intimidate them. It is not important at all “Who governs the Land.” This is even what the agitators have to understand , every non ruling group of people cannot not demand the change of government, and on the other hand, it is the responsibility of the people in power to make sure that the policies are people friendly.

One thing I strongly believe and understand , which according to me is very important in the time when exchange of information can be viral in just a click of a button, demand of abrupt change of power is not the solution to the financial miseries of a society. Definitely change in policy and governance is required to seek new ideas and application but that should happen more peacefully and with proper and peaceful expression of mandate.

History has taught us that war and agitation only brings destruction, and once a person is dead he is of no use. Yes, metaphorically he can insight agitation in many others but what will that bring? More killing, more dead people, more member deficient families? Do we want this type of our life on this earth. Yes people want to avenge themselves. Yes I do not have answers for the people who have had miseries inflicted on them by some bad people or their enemy. My intention to write this article is not to seek an answer or the solution for the wrong done to the people and how justice could be done, and I will always feel pain for their loss, and I am not asking to ignore their pain or injustice done to the people.

The point this article want to focus, there is no good in frequent change of power, neither for the conqueror nor for the people of the land. Instead a solution should be explored to make the governance of people and society friendly. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the people to understand that they should ask for better policies rather immediate change of government, they should ask for equal representation in the government . As there is no guarantee that the new government will stand up to their expectation. Also there are immense possibilities of backlash by the people who are not in power.

” May the Peace Prevail and Humanity shall enjoy its Sojourn on this Earth.”  Nandini Goel 2014

Peace to all,

Nandini Goel


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