Message to Boko Haram : Information about Western Education

After Abduction of more than 200 girls in a village in Nigeria by the Anti –Western Education group “Boko Haram” , It has become very important to discuss about notions and facts regarding much hated Western Education.
It is very important for all of us to discuss and comprehend to seek right solution to prevent and control further damage to human life and property.
What is Western Education??
Let me explain you more,  have you ever wondered that how did the people in one continent were able to know about communities living in other continents. Have you ever wondered how the big ships and Planes were made, How people today can use cars , buses and have better medical facilities? Well it all happened very slowly but with a constant pace through out history. It was people with the higher skills who made it possible through their observations and research, that we have these unique machines and knowledge.
Now this information that lead to the advancement of technology and lifestyle is something that is western education.To learn about those advancements is western education. Keeping in mind that these education will in fact help their own community in the future.Let me explain you with an example, now every one wants to use a car for transportation , now if tomorrow you want your car fixed in Africa , you will not call a technician from India or Spain. similarly with medical advancements we are able to diagnose many disease which were never known in the past , so a women who is a trained doctor can help treat the women of her community in future if she is trained and taught properly in her life.
So,Western Education is compilation of all the research, knowledge and advancement that has been made in the field of Science , technology, engineering , sociology and various other fields it is something that can influence and help us to live a peaceful and comfortable life.
Western Education is not a religion and it does not promote a specific culture.
Well, People in most of the world want their children to learn and go through this process of learning
Now, It is true and rightfully perceived that western education started from the countries like America, England and most of the English speaking nations to name a few but it is of significant importance to note that these studies have roots in Arab and Asian world. for instance Al-Khwarizmi is still considered as father of algebra which gave birth to modern algorithms, Study of Astronomy has roots in India where Aryabhatta did immense research in his time.
Now, this education which enables children to do something new and create something innovative, enables their young minds to question and than seek answers is the base of modern education system that prevails in institution all around the world.
I would not mind if people stop calling this mode of education a modern education system rather than calling it a “Western Education system” I can understand that one can have reservations owing to their regional and cultural differences.
My fellow humans in Nigeria, Killing and abduction of innocents would not solve the purpose. Let us all sit down and work to bring peace in the society.
As mentioned in Al-Fatiha ( I st Chapter of Holy Quran), Allah is merciful and most compassionate.
So I request you in the name of Allah to let the girls go to their families , unharmed.


May the blessing of God and Allah be upon us.
Thank You.
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