So! Where Does my God Lives?


Where Does my God Lives?

So! Where Does my God Lives?  

Human being is the most fortunate creature on this earth. To get a human body is a very lucky thing and one must use it for the benefit of others. He must follow the path of righteousness and believe in the almighty. One must not believe in god because of the fear of heaven or hell or something else. There is no religion which is true or false, so a human doesn’t need to convert to achieve peace. Just like the same sun shines on the Honolulu Mountains and the same does on the deserts of Saudi Arabia. The same god resides in the Bible and the same does in Koran and Gita. To achieve peace you don’t need to be a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Hindu. If you do well to others you shall get good in return. It is all about Karma or the action that you perform.

A human being should not be a bigot and he or she must respect the other religions. A true believer of god doesn’t forces the other human to change his or her religion but he tries that the person believes more strongly in his own religion. Religion is nothing but basic principles of life. It guides a human how to lead his/her life in a better way. An atheist lives the same life, so what is the need to follow a religion and to go on religious trips or perform religious ceremonies?

God is nothing but a figure in one’s mind which gives him or her comfort and his presence in the mind removes fear. A person tries his/her best to please the god and get his support because he believes in him and considers his god as the mightiest. So some see god in the idol of Krishna, some in Christ and some in Allah.

One performs religious ceremonies as he wants himself or his loved ones to be benefited by the rituals. Again, the play of Karma comes. Subconsciously, even the strongest person is scared about his/her loved ones. Whatever scares you is the demon and whatever comforts you becomes your god. The snake is a scary animal and so in every mythology it is considered negative whereas sun provides warmth and gives comfort to all, so sun in every civilization is considered the revered god. This is what a human should understand rather intimidating (scaring someone) one should always try to comfort the other being. So when you see a creatures (from ant to fellow human being) on earth, try to be a friend and make him comfortable in your company.

Human being is a very fortunate creature and his karma decides not only his destiny but the destiny of the whole world. If he fights, the world faces destruction. If he does good to others , the world is a better place to live. So Do good to others and life will repay you.

So Your god is my god!

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