Education in Rural Areas!


Education in Rural Areas!

Educate My Girl

Some Basic thought: A Step Ahead

P1030593Education is the single most important instrument for social and economic transformation of the country. A well educated population adequately equipped with knowledge and skills are essential for the betterment of the society.The educated people will benefit the country directly or indirectly in due course of time.

Educating Rural Kids is necessary step, as the large world’s population consists of rural people and leaving them illiterate would not make a real impact of our efforts.

The ratio of educated people is directly proportional to the growth of the society; every increase in the ratio educated people will increase the growth of the society.

Remember recently in Gujarat (India) A Rural Mechanic who had good knowledge about cars developed car which can run on water. He innovated something new and something beneficial for the human society.

This implies…

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