Thinking about Rural Women!

Thinking about Rural Women !


Empowerment for Women : Rural Woman.
Thinking about Rural Women !

Thinking about Rural Women !

Empowerment is a process that aims at creating the conditions for the self determination/self belief of particular people.
Today, I would like to take this article to a different direction. I know most of my readers are literate internet users. But we must understand that there is a big section of our global society who are underprivileged and may no use internet. But as concerned citizens we also need to think about them and it is important to seek measures for their up-liftment and empowerment. So if we talk about women empowerment we also have to consider women living in rural areas of our society, only then we shall bring real empowerment of women on our globe.
Every Country is speaking about economic and inclusive growth, rural areas and agriculture have largely been bypassed and the ratio of rural…

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