Food for thought….. Food for all .Poem by Nandini Goel


Food for thought….. Food for all .Poem by Nandini Goel

Each Morning when I wake up..

And read about the plight of children..

Starving to Death!!

The “One” who are the same age as I am

I feel anguish and pain.

Why we both live two totally different lives

Why so much of Injustice?

Why is so Difference?

Looking at the potato

Lying On my kitchen table

I ask myself” Is it so difficult to get for a meal?”

Even on my dining table

When I see some left over on my plate

I ask myself “How can I squander even a bit of food?”

When the world is drowning in the flood of starvation.

Food is the birth right of every human being

Like no one owns the world

No one owns the food..

If a person buys food more than his needs

Then that’s rude!!

When the Mighty and the strong

Accumulates more then their needs

Yes they are strong and capable…

Even the god must be having sleepless nights…

After watching his children suffering for life…

There is a point to remember…

They are the chaperons…

They have a duty to fullfill….

Its our schlep….

No matter If you don’t like

You have to carry the food to the needy and the whole mankind.

So much land but still not enough land…

So much land but not enough food…

So less population but so many houses…

So many people but not enough food…

Why is that so???

We have redundant houses, but not enough food…

Why is that so???

Instead of Crops I see buildings of concrete…

Why is that so???

That the farmer doesn’t wants to be a farmer anymore…

Why is that so???

That the farmer wants to earn money by selling his land and be a millionare in a go…

If we don’t have someone who grows…

If we don’t have land on which we grow

How we’ll survive???

I see so much pain and suffering

On the Streets and Everywhere..

Oh! Don’t remind me “Industrilization is imperative”..

Is n’t that to a limit??…

What if it destroys the balance..

Wouldn’t It be sheer wastage…..

Of this god’s Wonderful  Present…..

I’ve been hearing news

About poverty everyday

Why is that so???

That even after Your contribution of millions and billions

We can’t feed all….

Why is that so???

With such a big contribution

We still have hunger alive…

May be more of our sweat and blood is Needed…

To make the food suffice…

So lets contribute for the sake of the mankind!!!

I can’t sustain it anymore…

It’s time we eradicate the starvation…

Lets get more sensitive about it

O! God help me to help my fellow beings…

Thank You.

Nandini Goel.


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