For the sake of the Weak & Helpless…..Poem by Nandini goel

For the sake of the Weak & Helpless…..


For the sake of the weak and helpless…..

We all are a part of this ravishing world

But sometimes it seems like this world is covetous

You pretend as if you care about the world

But that’s just a travesty

Whenever you see a mendicant on the road

You call him a ravenous

Not only a pauper

But even the scavenger in your house

Is treated viciously

If you treat the impoverished so wickedly

Then you should be given no mercy and courtesy

Well if god gave you prudence

And a prosperous Life

Than why are you so critic

to the Impoverished

You should be a benign

And Succor them as a fellowmate

You should use your sagacity

To be genial to others

But you beguile someone…..

Shame on you…Shame on you…..



Thank You


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