F1… The Poem…Broom>>>Broom>>>

The jams on the roads…
People cheers and the roars
Want to reach near the tracks….
To see the participants bonnet cracks
There’s no lack of rush in high speed
Else winning and loosing is the participant’s deed….
In the stadium live
In the restaurants with the snacks
On the TV in home with family and friends.
In the café’s with live bands
Listening the sound of engine
The force of wind
Excites me a lot………
I can’t control my emotions for
Wanting the signal to be passed
But before the race starts
I would like to ask the god
To let people who had taken part
Be fine after the race completes
May any one win
May any one get a beat
Though its too exiting
But it can be threatening
If it leads to hurt a life
So I wish this time this sport
Doesn’t threatens the human eye

Thank you
-Nandini Goel 


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