Human is the Social Creature.

Human is the Social Creature.


Human is a social creature. He wants to create a good impression of his in the society. When he is alone, he, start feeling lonely, bored, and sometime scared.

.It’s like a sheep when a sheep is alone he feels scared and little bored he also start missing the environment near his flock but sheep cannot be amused but human beings can. People can enjoy by

Playing Video Games

Watching Television

Reading Books etc.

Human Beings always want to amuse themselves and that  is why the social networking, audio listening and video watching sites are made. Every Human Being wants to be the best and sometimes their greed forces them to do criminal activities.

Practicing Skills is the best way to get rid of loneliness. As the more, we practice and learn we become more skillful and it  make us to get more fame in the society and so we shall never feel alone and can also become famous.

Having friends always helps. as we can talk to them when we are feeling lonely.

That was my opinion about how human being is a social creature

Thank you



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