God! “The greatest composer of all.” by Nandini

Each morning before I wake up…

A melodious symphony touches my ear….

Telling me to wake up its time to work..

Reminding me its bright and shine…

Far on the mountains the beautiful sound of waterfall.

So pleasant to my ears , Telling me I swear…..

For you, I shall always be here.

Leaves whispering to me and singing friendship song…

Reminding me of our friendship is for long.

Again at night Birds sings ,Good night.

These voices when ever I hear .

ask myself who built them?

Than I get the answer……

God! The greatest composer of all.

One who has a beautiful mind and his heart is very kind.

That he gifted his imagination to us.

If this life is a dream than I wish never to come out of it.


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