My understanding to Greek society and English society

English and Greek society was always from the beginning contained a difference of teacher and a student.

The only difference in the mind set of English society and  Greek society was that Greek ‘s was ancient and English is same in a new package.

English society started growing early but only after Greek Society .There are many thing that English society learned from Greek society. There are some common things English society learned from Greek society.

Language – English society started making word by using the technique of Greek society.

Architecture-English society is now reaching heights in achitecture but all because of teaching of Greek society.

Events -Greek society from the beginning is known the best in event management.In Todays time english society is also known for event organizing skills which was again a brain child of Greek society.

The Greek society had been achieving its goal also because of their great ideas.Hence Greeks were great thinkers.

Some of the ideas that originated from Greek society were.

*Discovery of Olympic games,So all the world came together and played together.So when you play together you stay together.

*Discovery of methods of farming , pot making etc.

*Discovery of Organised language and stitched clothes.

The Greek society had a great army, It was the first organised army and it brought weapons to the world.The Greek army became more stronger after the inventions of the weapons.

English society are considered as great thinkers which again was well studied and importance of  innovative thinking  came from Greek society.

In todays time English army is one of the best  army in the world but again this idea of making a modern army came from looking at the ancient army built by the Greek society.

The Practices of Greek society were followed by English society that made it win in almost every fields.

So as a good teacher Greek society taught many lessons to English and English society as a good student took it respectfully.



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